Discover the Spirits that Lurk Chattanooga’s Riverfront

This week, Chattanooga Ghost Tours and Cycleboats, two of Chattanooga’s most unique experiences, team up to combine incredibly unique experiences in the city. Chattanooga is ripe with both outdoor adventure and a history of Native American Heritage, War, Asylums, Prohibition, Bootlegging, Segregation and Hate Crimes, leaving behind spirits that want their story to be told and heard!

Chattanoga Cycleboats

Cycleboat Tour

Chattanooga Cycleboats

Chattanooga Cycleboats has been in operation for a year and half, offering the city and its visitors an array of entertainment that incorporates fun for all. She has a maximum capacity of 16 passengers and guests are welcome to bring the food and beverage of their choice. You can pedal as much or as little as you want, listen to our guides stories of Chattanooga history or listen to music. The cycleboat has various games on board to enhance the social interaction and some enjoy reeling in their very first fish.  The boat has 10 pedaling stations that power a Mark Twain style paddle wheel and a bench/space for six additional riders.

Chattanooga Ghost Tours

Chattanooga Ghost Tour

Hope Holloway, Ghost Story Teller

Chattanooga Ghost Tours is one of the TOP TEN ghost tours in the US named by TripAdvisor AND USA Today. Chattanooga’s haunted tour has been chilling guests with tales of the city’s restless dead since 2007.  Chattanooga Ghost Tours is the 1st paranormal hunt in the WORLD to offer the chance to TALK to spirits and SEE ghosts with the SLS Ghost Viewer or experience the amazing new Poltercom. Award-winning Downtown Chattanooga ghost tours are offered nightly and are child friendly. Paranormal equipment ghost hunts through the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga & Citizens Cemetery is an experience to die for (Adults Only). Check out the many ghost photos & glowing reviews from guests at

Chattanooga Cycleboat Ghost Tours

Chattanooga Cycleboats has a quiet electric motor that will propel 16 spirit seekers up river along Ross’s Landing, Maclellan Island, below the Hunter Art Museum on the Chattanooga Bluff, past the bluff cave, near to the dilapidated ghost ship and around the island along the north shore. Hope Holloway, one of Chattanooga Ghost Tours most beloved story tellers and ghost hunters will host and narrate the ghost float. Hope has been out since May 2017 (Ask about the cursed skull) and this her triumphant return long anticipated by her fans. Having a river based tour allows Hope to work again as taking the full walking tour is still quite painful. By working together, Chattanooga Cycleboats is enhancing their unique experience and tour offerings, and Chattanooga Ghost Tours adds a new route and paranormal exploration along the Tennessee River.

Team Bonding

Team Bonding

Making Reservations

Reservations can be made by clicking this link Ghost Tour Float or by clicking the Learn More button below. Initial Ghost Tour Floats will be offered on limited Friday and Saturday nights, either 7pm or 9pm in the months of September and October. Check the linked calendar for scheduling. Trips will last at least 90 minutes and tickets are now on sale for $39.95 per person.


Who is this for?

Ghost Tour Floats are perfect for families, bachelorette and bachelor parties, girls night out, clubs, travelling sports teams, corporate team bonding, birthdays, date nights or any celebration. Ghost Tour Floats are offered for a limited time, and with limited seating. We are sorry but can not offer any discounts.

What can we bring?

You can bring the same things as a non-haunted cycleboat tour: Smiling faces, friends & family, food & beverage, beer, wine and spirits (you can bring the liquid kind, we will summon the supernatural kind 😜).

Do I have to pedal?

Not unless you want, we have an electric motor.

Where do we meet?

We will board the cycleboat on the Chattanooga Pier, located at 101 Riverfront Parkway. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Street parking is an option if available, and free after 6pm. Paid parking is across the street from the pier, managed by Republic Parking.

Have additional questions?

Feel free to email boating questions to regarding the boat. Questions regarding ghosts can be directed to